About Our Show
Keeping the “Natural Dream” Alive

Our 25th Anniversary Show

Promoter, John Abraham
Promoter, John Abraham

In 1995, former promoter and NGA state chair, Jerry Thomas, started the Heart of America Natural Classic so that drug free athletes would have a venue to showcase their talent, and not have to compete against non-drug tested athletes and be at a disadvantage.

Jerry dedicated his career to making sure this show grew and prospered, only to pass away suddenly on April 12th 2003, on the day of the competition. Although Jerry is gone, the dream lives on.

Promoters John Abraham and Brad Schupp took over the show in 2004 and pledged to keep the Natural Dream alive. They have dedicated themselves to making this a special event for all drug free athletes.

Promoter, John Abraham, says of the show:
“We pour our hearts and souls into providing natural competitors a great show to compete in and try to always treat them with the respect they deserve. Our show is fun, athlete-friendly, organized, and on-time. And we throw an amazing, free after party with complimentary food, drinks, and a DJ.”

Come join us in celebrating the drug free bodybuilders and figure competitors as we carry on the healthy and drug free lifestyle of natural bodybuilding and fitness with our 25th Anniversary Show.