A. The definition and rulings of a novice:
1. A competitor that has not placed in the top 3 in an open division of any organization.
2. A competitor that has not won 1st place in a novice division of any organization.

B. Promoters have the option of canceling any division for an insufficient amount of competitors.

C. Promoters have the option of splitting a division that has a total of 10 or more athletes.  For example, if the teen division has 10 competitors, the Promoter can divide this class into two calling them “Teen A” and “B.”  This division should be worked out as evenly as possible either by age, weight, or height.  Promoters should look at all entry forms and decide which way to go.  It is the Promoter’s option whether or not to do an overall of “Teen A” and “Teen B.”

D. All athletes will be introduced to the audience at the evening show, and perform their routines.

E. Jewelry may be worn during pre-judging, but must be inconspicuous.  Promoter and official contest personnel have the option to request its removal if deemed inappropriate.  More decorative jewelry and hair ornaments may be worn during the evening show.

F. Space will be provided for the application of tanning lotions and oils.  These products are not allowed in any other area of the building.  NO SPRAYS ALLOWED (i.e. Hot Stuff, Pam, etc.)


Bodybuilders will pose in the evening show to house music displaying three four of their best poses.


Physique Comparison Round
Contestants dressed in Two Piece Swimsuits and Heels will be instructed by the head judge through a series of quarter turns in groups of three for physique comparisons.  The judges will look for good to excellent muscle tone, clean tight lines, and low but reasonable levels of body fat.  Judges are not looking for muscle’s mass, cuts, or vascularity.  Judges will look at overall shape and symmetry.

Presentation Round
Contestants dressed in Two Piece Swimsuits and Heels will individually walk to the Promoter’s choice of music.  Contestants will walk stage right, stage left, and then center stage before exiting the stage.  Judges will rate overall impression of contestant.